Deep Energy Retrofitting

 Make Energy Efficiency Improvements to Your Building by Modernizing Existing Systems

Reduce operating costs!

Enhance tenant comfort!

Improve our environment!  

Deep retrofitting enables for energy efficiency improvements to your building that will reduce operating costs, enhance tenant comfort, and make the building more sustainable. 

It allows us to make changes in phases and transform multi family buildings from low efficient energy with high costs to high energy efficiency and low cost


How Do You Deep Retrofit?

  1. A Condition Assessment is created to determine the current condition of the building by analyzing the historic energy use and perform a detailed survey.

  2. Then a Feasibility Report follows to determine how the building can improve to its highest and best use, while also integrating energy modeling and cost analysis.

  3. Our comprehensive recommendation reports are client specific strategies including pricing options associated with energy procurement.

  4. Educating our clients to the highest degree allows informed decisions to reduce energy usage and costs to operate the facility.

  5. Building envelopes, HVAC, and plumbing systems can be updated separately, or as an entire package.  


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The Process

  • Analysis and Research - We analyze your building's energy usage and what improvements and renovations are needed to minimize it.  We work with our design team to integrate client desired design along with energy reduction.

  • Collaboration -  We listen carefully to understand your needs and goals and create practical design solutions, working closely with builders to understand feasibility, cost, and schedule.

  • Achieve High Performance - We value the inputs of builders and tradespeople. Shared knowledge sets high standards for performance through working closely with the constructor and all trades throughout the construction process to ensure the integrity of your design.