Landlord? How to Maximize Your Rental Potential = Tenant Fit-Outs

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Have Control of Your Building

  • Be part of the planning process to understand what changes will be made

  • No surprises when the space is complete and your tenant moves in

  • Attract the tenants you want : Long Term & Higher rents

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Long Term, Higher Rents

  • Lock in a longer term lease than expected

  • Opportunity for higher rents from the beginning as tenant is able to customize the entire space for their industry

  • Click Here to view Progress on our most recent Tenant Fit-Out (add link once project complete before publishing this 

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Feel Confident and Safe

  • Hire a professional Architect to manage the entire project

  • Reputable contractors are hired avoiding any incorrect work

  • All changes up to code : Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, ADA Compliance, etc.